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What Makes a Hotel Meeting Room Productive?

Having the right workplace environment can mean the difference between having engaged and involved employees or an unproductive office. It is the same for meeting rooms. If you are looking to book a meeting room in Bakersfield, check out Duniya Hotel. With its best meeting rooms, it is the best hotel in Kern County.

Choosing the right meeting room environment is crucial to the success of your meetings. Light, seating, and the layout of a room can have a significant impact on mood and productivity. That’s why with the help of this blog, we aim to give the reader knowledge about what to consider when booking a hotel meeting room.

Meeting Room

To fully understand what a conference room needs to function efficiently, you’ll need to understand how it works. A meeting room is simply a designated space for holding meetings. However, these days, the meeting room may also be used for lunches, training sessions, meetings with clients, brainstorming, and strategy sessions.

Even though conference rooms are simple in concept, they have a wide range of uses. Keep this in mind as we examine the different factors that contribute to a great meeting room.

Factors to Consider

  • Human Factors: Employees

Ensure that your employees feel comfortable as well as productive in a meeting room. A meeting space needs to be designed keeping in mind that humans will use it for a variety of purposes. Your meeting space must accommodate your attendees comfortably.

  • Furniture & equipment

Some meetings tend to last longer than others, so it is important to have comfortable chairs in the room. It is imperative to have durable, yet attractive chairs for meeting rooms. It is critical to consider the type of people who will use the room-remember to choose chairs with back support and armrests. Make sure that the chairs you choose are ergonomically correct and comfortable as well.

Tables are also important. Instead of one long table, choose 2-3 (or more if necessary) shorter tables. If you choose a layout style that calls for shorter tables, you can arrange them as one long table or place them in various positions. By doing so, you will be able to make use of your space more efficiently. Choosing a table that folds easily and is easy to move is a good idea.

  • Colors

Colors have a profound effect on people. When a meeting room is decorated in dark colors, most attendees may feel sleepy and the mood will be more negative. Conversely, light neutrals such as beige and white make the room appear more spacious and energetic.

Moreover, the color scheme you choose should reflect the mood of the room, since dark colors will temper it, whereas light colors will motivate and energize everybody.

All these factors are taken care of by Duniya Hotel in Bakersfield, California. It is the best hotel in Kern County, so if you want a great meeting room, book there.

  • Avoid clutter

Meeting rooms are sometimes handy for storing things, especially if they aren’t used very often. Rather than being usable space, it becomes a large storage closet. Prevent this from happening by not storing anything in the conference room. In addition, you’ll want to avoid the clutter of any kind in the meeting space.

  • Sound-proofed

A meeting room must be quiet. Activity and noise can distract, leading to a loss of focus. Ensure that the room is located in a quiet area. In the case that this is not possible, you might want to consider soundproofing the conference room. As a result, you will be able to hear one another speak, rather than be distracted by outside activity and noise.

  • Lighting

Having a dark or dim conference room will negatively affect the energy and focus of the group. When we’re in a dark room, we’re more likely to get sleepy and unfocused. To counteract this, some businesses use bright lights, which are also hard on the eyes. A bright environment may also be challenging for some light-sensitive people.

To make a meeting room a great place for your employees, you need to consider comfort, the right colors, and lighting. These tips will help your employees stay energized and focused during meetings

  • Layout

In terms of meeting room layouts, you have many options like U-Shape, Classroom, Theater, and many more. There’s no need to stick with the traditional conference room setup of a large table surrounded by chairs. It is even possible to keep the space flexible. The way you conduct your meeting is entirely up to you. Hence, choose your layout carefully.

As a whole, these are some factors that you should always keep in mind if you wish to create a productive meeting room. If you are from California and need a meeting room, the Duniya Hotel in Bakersfield, CA is recommended. It is the best hotel in Kern County.



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