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What Is the Actual Web Server Cost in India?

What is a Web Server?

A web server is a program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to assist the files that form Web pages. Dedicated devices, applications, and computers may also be referred to as Web servers.

Web servers frequently are combined with other Internet and intranet-related software that can be used to deliver email, create and publish Web pages, and download requests for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) files. Considerations for selecting a Web server include:

  • How well it integrates with other servers and the OS.
  • Its ability to handle security characteristics.
  • Search engine and website building tools.
  • Server-side programming and particular publishing.

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The web server can be either software or hardware that is used to run the World Wide Web:

  • On the software side, a web server has various components that manage how web users access hosted content. A part of the program that comprehends URLs and HTTP is called an HTTP server. It can be accessed via the domain names of websites where it stores and sends material to end users’ devices, such as org.
  • On the hardware side, a web server is a machine that stores web server software and a website’s part. It is connected to the Internet and can exchange physical data with other devices connected to the web.

At the most basic level, the browser requests the file through HTTP whenever a browser requires a file hosted on a web server. When the request reaches the correct hardware (webserver), the software (HTTP server) accepts the request, finds the requested document (if it doesn’t, then a 404 response is returned), and returns it to the browser using HTTP.

You need either a dynamic or a static web server to publish a website.

What is a Static Web Server?

A static web server, or stack, comprises a computer (hardware) with an HTTP server (software). The server provides its hosted files “the way it is” to your browser, thus the name is Static.

What is a Dynamic Web Server?

A dynamic web server comprises a static web server and extra software, often as an application server with a database. We call it “dynamic” because the application server updates the hosted files before transmitting them to your browser via the HTTP server.

For example, to generate the final web pages in the browser, the application server may populate an HTML template with data from a database. Sites like Wikipedia or MDN have hundreds of web pages, but they aren’t actual HTML documents, only a few HTML templates, and a giant database. This configuration makes it easier and faster to provide and maintain content.

What does a web server actually cost in India?

This concludes the description of the web server, bringing us to the crucial topic of funding. Web server cost in India differs depending on the source you are choosing to buy this server. It costs somewhere around 80,000. Mentioned below are the different sources of buying web servers provided with the cost these sources are offering:

  • A local retail store: A local store provides the server at a higher cost as these work on retail prices rather than wholesale.
  • Authorized server store: These businesses serve as the origin of Servers. The cost will vary depending on the model you want to purchase and the product’s quality. The server stack is an authorized dealer of ASUS servers.
  • Online sources: You can buy web server hardware and software from various online sources. Server stack is one of the best sites with reasonable prices, great quality, and a good warranty period.


The above statements are useful in determining the actual and optimum price for a suitable server for you. Web server cost in India depends on the web server’s model and purchase source. Server stack will provide you with the best server at reasonable costs.



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