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Johnny The Healer

If you’re looking for a way to beat addiction naturally, you might want to consider consulting with holistic addiction cure specialist Johnny Tabaie. He uses ancient plant medicine, such as ibogaine, to help his patients recover from their addictions. In fact, his two-week Pouyan Method program has a ninety percent success rate. Read on to discover what makes Johnny the Healer so unique.

Johnny Tabaie is a holistic addiction cure expert

Known as the Pouyan Method, Holistic Sanctuary is a treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction. It incorporates custom-made complementary medicine with daily motivational therapy, energy healing, and super foods. Besides these, this therapy includes hyperbaric oxygen chambers and ionic sea salt baths. It works by treating the whole person, not just their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

He uses ancient plant medicine

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In order to combat addiction, Johnny The Healer uses ancient plant medicine. This ancient medicine has been used for tens of thousands of years in various parts of the world. Although it is illegal to practice this medicine in the United States or Belgium, it has been widely used for centuries in Asia and Europe. The benefits of plant medicine are many, and they are an effective way to treat addiction. These methods treat the underlying problem and are considered safe and effective for many people.

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He treats patients with ibogaine

When looking for an ibogaine clinic in Mexico, you may want to read testimonials from other patients who have experienced the powerful effects of the drug. Most patients feel much better after treatment, but many are skeptical. In addition, some clinics don’t disclose the success rate of the treatment. According to some studies, Johnny The Healer has a 60 percent success rate with the Pouyan Method.

He has a 90% success rate in his two-week Pouyan Method program

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The Pouyan Method is a treatment plan that combines alternative health strategies and ancient plant therapy with daily motivational therapies. The program focuses on resetting the brain to a pre-addicted state. Scientists are studying this program to learn more about how it works. Studies have shown that the brain scans of people who have completed the program have improved dramatically.

He uses brain scans to show improvements in his patients

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