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Ideas For Decorating The Windows of Your Historic Home

Window Treatments as we all know that they provide us with privacy as well as a beautiful window decoration.

These treatments are very helpful in decorating every kind of home

especially if you are using them in decorating your old or historic home.

These window treatments will never fail you and provide you with your desired output.

Because it doesn’t matter how well you organize and decorate your historic home from inside and outside.

But you never let anyone from the outside look in your home when you are spending your time with your family.

You can choose any kind of window treatment which ranges from interior shutters to delicate window blinds.

They all are used to block the interior view of your home and provide them with an excellent level of privacy.

These window treatments are also very helpful in providing energy efficiency which can be beneficial for you.

These window treatments have a very heavy impact on the interior of your historic home.

Different households like rugs, pillows, or any other furnishings can be matched with these blinds very easily.

According to a landmark book The Architect of Country Houses which said that nothing furnishes your room more beautiful than curtains or blinds of the windows.

Because these window coverings help in reducing the glare of the window of your home.

But they are always beautiful, graceful, and eye-pleasing while hanging on the windows of your historic home.

A well-chosen window treatment will be very long-lasting and vice versa.

So, let’s take a look at some of the popular window treatments that you can choose for the windows of your historic home.

Interior Shutters:

Window shutters were introduced a long time ago and these are the first window treatment.

These were used to cover the windows to block the unwanted sunlight, protect the interior of the home and provide ventilation.

These shutters were commonly used in warmer seasons.

Because of their wide blades, these shutters were open using the central rod.

Due to this functionality, these shutters were very popular in the south areas of the country.

Nowadays these shutters are available in many forms and numerous manufacturers manufacture these shutters in a wide range.

So you can choose any kind of window shutters from that range.

These shutters are very popular in the colonial areas of New England.

But in this case, these shutters are solidly designed to keep the cold breeze away from the home.

Broad and batten shutters are the standard ones in country homes to cover every kind of window.

Window shutters along with all other window coverings stood alone in the line in enhancing the interior of the home.

Best Curtains For Historic Homes:

In the earliest manifestation in the American homes, these curtains were used for protection from drafts than for decoration purposes.

These curtains are typically plain pieces of cloth or top tabbed panels or shirred valances.

But in the European period, the influence of these curtains begins to creep into homes to decorate the windows.

At that time these curtains were manufactured using imported and expensive damasks, brocades and velvets.

The manufacturing of these curtains increased in the latter half of the 18th century in which the length of these curtains is the main concern.

At that time these newly introduced floor-length curtains become very famous.

As they matched with the wooden floors and provide more elaborated decoration of the home.

Federal and Greek Revival homes were furnished with wood that the curtains were paid to add as lightweight decoration.

At the beginning of the 19th century, these curtains offer more accented arrangements with flat and stiff panels of fabric.

These flat panels have a curve border that was framed with the window openings artfully.

By the time of Victorian era rolled around these curtains comes with more wonderful options.

Just like different but influenced drawings which come in numerous fabrics like silk, rayon, velvet, and many more.

Due to these features, these curtains were perhaps the most prominent symbol of Victorian excess.

In the 20th century, these curtains were only the flat piece of cloth that hang on the windows in basic or full-length panels.

Blinds Usage In These Homes:

In the 1980s the craze of window blinds was coming into the mind of the manufacturers and they start manufacturing them.

At that time these window blinds were got a bad impact on historic homes.

But they have a very long history which starts from the roman empire when they used blinds to cover their window.

Then these blinds moved to the Egyptian reign where they were built after plucking the sticks known as reeds from the River Nile.

In the European interior, the wooden Venetian blinds were so-called Venetian because the Venetian traders brought them to Persia.

These blinds were introduced in European countries and US in the mid-18th century.

Wooden Blinds have a big and decorative frenzy of the Victorian era.

These blinds were very popular until the 1940s when the latest technology called aluminium.

These aluminium blinds replace the wood blinds and start frequently used in mid-century homes in a wide range of colours and styles.

Vertical blinds and woven blinds are also very popular during this time frame and still, they are very famous.

But now they are also replaced or wiped out by the unique fashion of mini-blinds which are universally used in every home.



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