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How Can I Increase Likes on TikTok Videos?

By employing a few easy-to-use yet powerful techniques to make your movies more remarkable and appealing, you may increase the number of likes on TikTok. We’ve put together a list of the most crucial advice for you to keep things brief.

Look Good in Your Videos

The more appealing you are, the more viewers will be interested in watching, liking, and sharing your films. So, the next time someone suggests you buy TikTok likes Instant, don’t be shocked (assuming you want to scale up your presence on the platform, that is).

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Additionally, while shooting your movies, don’t forget to experiment with the light and shadows since it makes a significant difference. Aim to draw in more female viewers who might be searching for the next Thai idol, keeping in mind that people prefer to watch girls over guys. thesocialvert

Although TikTok doesn’t have a gender filter, which means you can see guys who will be watching you in the live view, this method won’t work if you play live.

Boost Your TikTok Likes, Shares, and Followers

You may utilize tools to get more followers and likes on your videos on TikTok, an excellent method to draw viewers who subscribe to your content.

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Every video on TikTok can use their like service, but they also provide one of the most potent TikTok growth services. thedigitalexposure

TikTok Profile Optimization

Since it’s the only thing people will see when searching for you on TikTok, your username is crucial. Avoid picking a username that could confuse others, and use as many hashtags as possible without going overboard.

Additionally, updating your profile with some pertinent facts about you is a good idea. Don’t forget to include a cover photo to enhance the appeal and draw attention to your page

Tell a funny story

Only 15-second videos can be shared on TikTok. You can quickly get your point over in under 15 seconds if you have a grand narrative to share.

Try to think of a funny joke that will make readers laugh and like your material.

You could relate the tale of how you misplaced your phone, for instance, or anything else that made at least some of the people watching you laugh out loud.

However, you mustn’t go overboard and lose sight of your primary objective, which is to share your material and draw in as many visitors as possible.

Remember to include a compelling call to action!

Try mentioning the song’s title or stating something that would pique people’s interest in learning more about you.

Staying active

The most well-known TikToker publish three to five videos per day. It’s crucial to be consistent if you want to feed TikTok’s algorithms and get more TikTok views.

Additionally, geo-targeting your audience is a smart move. Most of your videos must have Thai subtitles if you target the Thai market. Spanish subtitles should also be used if you are targeting the Spanish-speaking market.

On other social media platforms, advertise for yourself.

While sharing content on TikTok is crucial, don’t forget to market your brand on other social networking sites. Ensure you have an attractive profile image, links to your TikTok account in your bio, and both to do this.

Keep up with trends

TikTok aims to provide people with a forum for showcasing their artistic talent. Following trends is essential if you want your TikTok likes to grow. It includes actions like participating in dance competitions or using hashtags.

TikTok also compiles videos using popular hashtags and challenges as an additional source of discovery for users seeing other creators’ work, which can also help you market your profile!

Collaborate with Famous TikTok Users

In other words, someone with, let’s say, 1 million followers may work quite well with a TikTok user with 500K followers. For instance, you can work with a well-known TikTok user to create films that feature your audience and theirs.

This technique can also be used for TikTok collaborations between two individuals with a common interest.

Don’t compromise on quality

Teens make up the majority of your TikTok audience. You must also offer high-quality content if you want your account to receive more likes. When you upload the video, include relevant keywords in the title and description, and don’t forget to make the audio sound decent.

Most people won’t watch it all the way through if it doesn’t sound like fun, but they might check out something fascinating. If you want more likes, you need to sound like a regular human on TikTok, not like some automated transcribing service.

Try to convey your friends’ humor in your videos, for instance, if they are hilarious or biting in real life.

But above all, remember to provide excellent material.

Add Hashtags to your video

A hashtag is crucial for each social media network. Hashtags are crucial in TikTok to increase views and likes and reach a larger audience. You must include hashtags in your title or description to attract more users to your account. Three to five hashtags are advised!

Like and comment on other TikTok videos.

Please participate in the community on any social media site as it is an essential component. It’s crucial to leave comments and like videos on TikTok if you want more likes. 

Getting your material to the top of popular hashtags or the feeds of well-known TikTok users is the main objective of comments and likes. But occasionally, you could decide against leaving a remark on a video merely to leave a comment.

For instance, try adding a simple “laughing out loud” or “hahaha” if it’s exceptionally humorous, and your buddies would surely laugh at it.

Promotions & Freebies

You can pay to promote your videos on TikTok if you’re ready to spend money on your material. The likelihood that someone will notice it will rise because it will be pushed in the app’s “For You” area and among users who follow you.

Make a video about them if you want to do a giveaway or a promotion now! Maybe something to surprise your fans?

Tell viewers how to enter after making the video as intriguing as possible to pique their interest. Because TikTok lacks a live streaming feature as other social media networks do, this works wonderfully well.

You don’t have to worry about missing anything with TikTok because the videos are recorded!

Optimize Your Videos

It’s vital to remember that the TikTok algorithm ranks videos higher and elevates those whose clips were played at maximum speed. The algorithm will be informed that your content is irrelevant and does not match the user’s goal if users do not click on your movies.

Make sure the title of your video is simple and contains as many words as possible to describe the content to ensure that it is optimized for TikTok.

I’m participating in a challenge for the first time, for instance.

Make sure your videos are entertaining to view, then. Add eye-catching effects or simple-looking text that will draw attention.

The most straightforward strategy to optimize your video is to look at the tags other users use after you’ve already posted it and add those to your own!

Build your Niche with Unique Content

Your followers can tell you apart from your competitors by learning about your niche. The best method to keep viewers engaged and encourage them to watch more of your material is doing this.

Additionally, I believe that popular TikTok videos typically feature original concepts or surprising turns that make viewers want to watch them.

Whether the material is comedy routines, English language lessons, or cosmetics instructions, it will be popular if it is also outstanding in other aspects.

Keep Your Videos Short

A mobile app called TikTok enables you to make and share entertaining movies. The best TikTok content, in my opinion as an influencer, is the ideal length for mobile watching. If possible, keep your video within 15 minutes.

It should last between three and five minutes if you provide knowledge or cosmetics instructions. The 15-minute limit is only a suggestion; it is not a binding requirement. If you decide to videotape it, ensure that everyone can be seen well and that nothing or no one is cut off in the middle of the screen.

Your videos should always be brief because they receive more likes on TikTok. The fact that people view your information is what matters most.

Why would anyone like or comment on your video if they don’t find it amusing to look at?

Promote Yourself

One of the most critical factors in social media platform growth is promotion. You lose an opportunity to be seen by your fans and potential new followers if your video doesn’t contain any promotional message. Posting videos pertinent to the current material is the best approach to attract new viewers.

For instance, if you recently posted a cosmetics lesson regarding the summer trends for this year, include that in your video. Suppose you recently posted a makeup lesson regarding the summer trends for this year, then include it in your video.

For individuals who take action within the period you select, you can additionally provide a discounted good or a unique discount.

Add the promotional message right at the start of your video to ensure that viewers see it and click on it.

Keep it brief and straightforward; if you have a lengthy video, place the message in the post’s description section after the video.

People will click here if they want additional details about what you’re giving or if they want to skip past other videos that are currently being shown to them in their feed. Make sure all your videos are available in the description section so that people can see what you’re doing if they wish to view your video and your promotional message.

Knowing the proper location for these messages is crucial; after creating a video, it is preferable to post a message on Snap Chat rather than TikTok.

You don’t need to make another video with your message after releasing the one you already did on TikTok.

You can also provide a note in the post’s description box, where it will be seen by everyone who wants to know more about the fantastic deals, goods, or services that you provide.

Include Viral Music in Your Videos

It is believed that the use of well-known tunes in videos contributes significantly to their virality. Include currently popular songs in your playlist. Utilizing current trending songs is one of the best strategies to increase your TikTok likes.

After appearing in an Oscar trailer, the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song “Shallow” became popular. So please don’t be reluctant to try it out!

You may easily cut and add the clip to your video using any sound editing program, such as audacity. Don’t forget to provide a pleasing background, which enhances the song’s allure and attractiveness. Create videos that inspire discussion or interactivity. Post on TikTok frequently to increase likes and views.

You must consistently and frequently post information if you want your profile to be seen by more users. We advise making a strategy or schedule for your films so that you may work on them as needed for upcoming posts.

To draw in an interested, devoted audience, even one whole day of filming and editing up batches of films daily or weekly will go a long way. Because this is all about creating long-term investments with their accounts, influencers always tell new artists to keep sharing even if there aren’t many views right away.

It entails committing to continuously developing their content, which, as we all know, has fantastic results.


The research will aid your understanding of the content varieties that perform best or attract the most attention. The research considers your audience’s age group, gender, and other factors.

Research enables you to provide pertinent material to the audience and motivates them to respond to your postings. Knowing what works best for your niche will save you from having to imitate or experiment with everything that has been extraordinarily successful for another channel.

Do not be disheartened if your films do not receive as many followers or likes as theirs; take their ideas as inspiration. You need to know that not everyone will appreciate what you produce or make.

But that’s okay since it’s still crucial for kids to be informed about the situation and offer their own opinion. Research is also crucial if you want to post on TikTok and receive the most likes.


The trick to getting more likes on TikTok is easy. To prevent people from forgetting about you or your channel, create material and video ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Also, be sure to upload frequently.

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Be amusing, provide your audience with new and engaging information, be authentic, and use social media networks strategically to draw visitors. If you want your videos to go viral, be consistent in your posting schedule and use the proper soundtrack.



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