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Better Lifestyle Tips for Couples

People looking for better sex health tips for couples are drawn to all sorts of things for one simple reason: better sex is just good! But it’s entirely possible that many men will shrug off the choice right under their noses – quite literally. Yes, considering adding olfactory enhancers to the sexual experience (particularly penile care) can often lead to better sex.

“olfactory enhancers” is a fancy way of saying “don’t neglect your sense of smell to spice up your sexual experience”. Most people already know the power of other senses in the sex game. The sensation of touch is crystal clear, whether it’s fingers cleaning the penis or the sensation of a manhood bound in a vagina. Taste is important in kissing, and the sound of mood music is often a sexual temptation. Any man who has ever gone out to see a beautiful woman walk by knows how important the visual element is.

But smell does not play as much as it deserves. Of course, a man will apply some aftershave or a woman will carefully apply some perfume for a nice effect. However, a smell is often remembered when it has a negative connotation, such as human body odor or bad breath.

But the truth is, paying attention to your use of fragrance can positively up your game in a couple’s bedroom.


So what’s a man to do who wants to use an olfactory enhancer in his comparator? Some signs are:

  1. Think about the other person.

Everyone has different preferences, and what may be interesting or attractive to a man may not be productive for his partner (and vice versa). A man may love the smell of roses, but if his partner is allergic to flowers, filling the bedroom with roses may be a bad idea. Or someone may find a particular perfume attractive while someone else gets wrinkles on their nose. Take the time to come up with the perfect scent for your partner and don’t be afraid to just ask them.

2. Search.

Many sites offer scent recommendations that should enhance the immersive experience. For example, vanilla, cinnamon, and jasmine are often cited as fragrances that can help initiate sex drive. Cut out items you already know you and/or your partner don’t like. Then think of things you would like to experience with your friend.

3. Start slowly.

What better place to start than putting some special fragrance blends on your bed sheets than pouring out half a bottle. The smell can linger and is hard to get rid of, so if you start too hard, you can set yourself down an unprofitable path.


Once you find something that works, look for different ways to spread the scent. Vanilla, for example, can be used in baked goods, smeared behind the ears, scented in sheets or left in a candlelight.

Through my experience in health and fitness, I have found that many of my clients rarely focus, write, or even become aware of their internal state of health, but after health deteriorates to illness, or many recognize illness in themselves. lack of energy and motivation, weight fluctuations (not always increasing) and ultimately poor health.

Ultimately, couples should learn to communicate well with softer languages ​​that will create more interest and improve relationships, and expressing their needs, fears, and desires will help build relationships and increase trust between them. Help is available.

To elaborate, it is worth noting that it is important for couples to maintain their physical intimacy in terms of sex and regular emotional touch, which always sends a good signal.

Correcting your smell is one of the many Better lifestyle tips for better sex, but it’s up to the man to keep his penis healthy so he can enjoy that sex better. Regular use of this top-drawer penile health cream (health experts recommend Man 1 Oil, which is clinically proven to be gentle and safe on the skin) is a great way to maintain that health.

Since the olfactory angle is being explored, make sure the cream contains vitamin A, which has powerful antibacterial properties that fight bad penile odor. Any cream worth its salt will also contain L-arginine, an amino acid. It plays an important role in the process by which the penile blood vessels dilate and become more sensitive to increased blood flow.



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