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Barcode Registration, advantages and its kinds

Barcode Registration directs to a representation of digits and similar lines known as black and white, which differ in dimensions and distance between them. It allows sourcing a development’s specification by checking with an electronic barcode scanner or system. Additionally, it assists in encoding useful product data and tracking and outlining the development without human mistakes. Accordingly, it is necessary to report the barcode and avail of its advantages.

Registration process

Present the filled and signed GS1 India barcode enrollment form, the requisite payment, and the “development classification sheet” duly circling or underlining the development classes manufactured or delivered by the enterprise along with the needed papers.

Functioning of a barcode

  • Readable by an electronic device which is either a laser or camera-based technique.
  • Encodes the helpful specifications of development like product digit, serial digit, batch digit, and other necessary details.


  • The barcode system is quick and trustworthy.
  • Improves the company of a barcode-holder entity.
  • Scanning delivers objective and more useful data than humans.
  • It can be adjusted in the digit of finishes which causes it affordable.
  • A barcode is a stylish way of joining the development data solely by scanning it.
  • Formats the data in a consistent form which is a little challenging for people.
  • It destroys unnecessary paperwork and the chance of manufactured error.
  • Enabling search and tracing of development during every activity throughout the supply chain has evolved comfortably.

Kinds of Barcode

GS1 EAN/UPC Family Barcodes: This style of GS1 EAN barcode India is printed on almost every customer product globally and can be identified immediately. This kind of GS1 barcode is widely identified and utilized among all the GS1 barcodes.

GS1 DATABAR Family Barcodes: This kind of GS1 barcode is largely utilized to label new foods and can contain details such as a batch numeral, expiry date, weight, and other helpful details.

GS1 1D Barcodes: GS1-128 and ITF-14 are positively versatile 1D barcodes that allow things to track via global supply chains. GS1-128 barcode can maintain any of the GS1 ID keys and other details such as serial digits, date of expiry, and other helpful detail, while the ITF-14 barcode can carry the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and is appropriate for printing on ridged materials.

GS1 2D Barcodes: GS1 two-dimensional (2D) barcodes designate squares or rectangles and include numerous small and unique dots. This kind of GS1 barcode registration can maintain a considerable amount of knowledge and may stay legible even when published at a nominal size or engraved onto a product. Additionally, logistics and healthcare enterprises utilize this widely in manufacturing and warehousing.

The total price of acquiring a barcode will contain the following:

  1. Registration fee: It relies on the selected product numbering capability. It is specified regarding the total number of SKUs, product variants, or product types presently unrestricted, along with the digit possible to be counted in the subsequent few years.
  2. Subscription fee: It is anticipated to the subscribers that they choice remit the subscription regeneration fee on or before the expiry of the subscription fact period as determined on initial enrollment or following the renewal of the exact.
  3. Security deposit: This is an interest-free and refundable share payable onetime at the time of enrollment which will be reimbursed after revocation/ termination of subscription by GS1.


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