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6 Worst Foods for Your Bones

A lot of people know about which foods and drinks are the best and most effective in maintaining their bone health. However, they don’t know what to avoid and which things are a disaster to damage their bones for a period of time.

If you are falling these days even without a reason; don’t blame yourself for falling because there could be an underlying reason that you don’t know about yet. According to the best bones specialist in Lahore, your poor choice of food and drinks can make your bones weak and can lead to osteoporosis, and if you fall bone problems would be the reason.

To reduce the severity of bone problems, you need to add foods to your diet that provide support and minerals to the bones, and you also need to avoid some habits that are causing bone problems.

Worst Foods for Your Bones

Here are foods you need to avoid for improving and maintaining your bone health:


If consuming a lot of soda drinks on a regular basis is your habit, it can damage your bones and it would be difficult to regain the health of the bones. Consuming more than seven sodas, even seven drinks, affect your bone health and reduce bone mineral density, and also increase the risk of fracture.

There are not many studies that indicate how sodas affect the bones. However, a study, data collected from 73000 postmenopausal women, found that those who drank soda habitually had high risks of hip fracture.  Sodas are not good for the bones whether they are caffeine-free or caffeinated. In another study, that was conducted in 2014, it was found the more you consume soda, the risks of bone problems grow significantly.


Salt does not affect your bones immediately; however, it causes damage to the bones over a period of time. When you consume 2300mg of salt, according to Forbes, you lose almost 40mg of calcium immediately.

Usually, foods around the world are heavy with salt because we think there would be no taste without adding salt to the foods, and we consume 5000mg of salt in a single day. Nutritionists say that this is double amount of the recommended.

To reduce your salt intake, you have to cut bakery products, fast foods, etc., because all of these contain a huge amount of salt. Instead, you can eat freshly home-cooked vegetables because you would be able to control the saltiness. Many people get salt from processed foods and this is not a good habit. To support your bones, you can consume salt from table salt.


A person needs to be cautious if he/she is caffeine-crazy. If you consume caffeine in high amounts it can cause several health problems. A medical that was conducted in 2016 found that postmenopausal women who consumed caffeine experienced low bone density. Caffeine consumption causes calcium loss in the bones and decreases the strength of the bones.

In addition, according to a dietitian, when a person consumes 100mg of caffeine every time, it causes 6mg of calcium loss. When you consume coffee or caffeine products with sugar products, the risks of bone problems increase significantly. Therefore, you need to cut-off caffeine products such as coffee and tea from your diet for better health of the bones.


Beans are not considered a bone-healthy food because pinto beans and peas are packed with a substance known as phytates. This substance is not good for the body because it reduces the ability of the body to absorb calcium from different foods.

However, beans are also packed with other beneficial nutrients such as magnesium and fiber; therefore, you don’t need to avoid them at once. If you reduce the levels of phytates in the beans then you can use them, and to reduce phytates levels, soak them in water for several hours, and try to cook them in fresh water to get better results.

5.Reduce Vitamin A Intake

Don’t be perplexed. We know that vitamin A is essential for better vision and improving the immune system, and foods like liver and eggs contain vitamin A. However, postmenopausal women who consumed vitamin A more than 5000IU experienced double the risks of bone fracture than those who consumed vitamin A less than 1600IU in a single day.

Therefore, you have to be wise enough while adding foods to your diet because many foods are full of vitamin A and over-consumption can be harmful to you.

6.Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Many vegetables, also known as nightshade vegs, such as mushrooms and tomatoes can cause bone inflammation; this inflammation may lead to osteoporosis. Therefore, it is important for everyone, especially people with bone conditions, need to avoid foods responsible for causing inflammation.


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