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5 Maintenance Tips Every Garage Door Owner Should Know

The garage door is the largest part of your garage and it is used multiple times a day. Any moving part that large needs to be looked after. There are plenty of problems you could face if your garage door isn’t maintained properly.

It’s very important to keep your garage door operating smoothly and ensure it doesn’t become a danger for you or your family. For that, it’s necessary to know a few tips for preventive care and maintenance.

Here are six maintenance you absolutely need to know to keep your garage door running well.

Watch and Listen

One of the most simple ways to avoid major problems is to be vigilant. You must remain active and keep your eyes open whenever you use the garage. Neglecting this step might require you to get emergency garage door repair if it gets too bad.

Keep checking it whenever you use it to determine whether it works properly or if it feels jerky. One of the signs that it could be malfunctioning is if it makes a grinding or scraping noise or it gives a slow response when you use it.

Secure the Hardware

A garage door is used thousands of times a year and as a result, this movement loosens the hardware of the door. You must check daily whether its nuts and bolts are tightened well or not, especially if you hear a rattling noise from the door’s hardware when it’s in motion.

Use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts and brackets but be careful not to tighten them too much as it could damage the door.

Clean the Tracks

You must make sure whether your tracks are cleaned well or not. Because dirt, grease, and dust particles may block the paths of the door and can damage the door badly. Keep the tracks on either side of the doors free from debris.

Vacuum it up dry, lose the debris, and then wipe down the whole surface with a damp rag. You can use a brush to wipe out whatever is stuck in there.

Check the Cables

If a cable that lifts the door snaps, it causes the door to become unbalanced and it may fall shut. Don’t use any kind of rusty or frayed cables. They are not reliable and can snap at any time.

So, whenever the cable snaps don’t try to fix it by yourself. It’s best not to tinker with those wires that lift your doors since they’re powerful enough to seriously injure you. Leave the job to the professionals that have experience with the machinery and can help with garage door repair if something goes wrong.

Test the Safety Features

Checking the auto-reverse function of your garage door somewhat regularly is crucial if you want to prevent accidents or injuries. To check the mechanical function, place a block of wood or something similar in the path of the door. When the door touches it, it should reverse itself and open again.

But if that doesn’t happen, that likely means the function isn’t working like it’s supposed to. You can also check the photo eye sensor that helps the door reverse its function. It can help you confirm whether it’s working properly or not.



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