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5 Expert Tips to Maintain Your Fridge These Days

The fridge has become a fundamental appliance of every kitchen because it helps keep the food from going bad. It provides you with cold drinks and water that quench your thirst on the sweltering hot days of summer. In return, it only requires a routine of regular cleaning and maintenance. Book our electrician services.

However, if you do not follow the schedule, spills will happen leaving stains and blemishes inside your fridge. As a result, your fridge will not be able to serve the purpose you bought it for. Therefore, you should maintain it regularly to ensure its optimum functioning.

You must be thinking, how can you service your fridge? No worries! It is so simple. Book specialized electrician services online for the proper inspection and maintenance of your fridge. On the other hand, if you want to maintain your fridge yourself, here are some expert tips you can follow.

Important Expert Tips to Maintain Your Freezer

1. Place it  2-3 inches away from the wall

If your fridge often gets overheated you need to check is it at a sufficient distance from the wall? Remember that if the distance is not enough to allow a flow of air, the heat produced by its motor will find no place to escape, causing overheating.

Therefore, ensure that you leave 2-3 inches between the wall and the fridge to avoid overheating.
Why is it important? It is necessary for the optimum working of your refrigerator and its long life.

If you are facing the problem of overheating even after following the 2-3 inches distance rule, do not worry. Book professional electrician services in Lahore to prevent further damage.

2. Follow a cleaning routine

If your food is going bad every other day, consider cleaning your fridge. If the problem persists, it signals that you have been skipping cleaning for some time.

It will leave debris and ice in the water drainage compartment above the motor. Don’t take any risk in the situation and get your fridge inspected ASAP.

3. Vacuum the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil plays a crucial role in cooling down your fridge by throwing away the heat produced by the continuous working of the system. But if the condenser coil is loaded with dust and dirt, the hot air may entrap here making your fridge overheat. It can lead to a breakdown that may prove heavy on your pocket. Also, you can not help your food from going bad which will become an ideal habitat for bacteria and fungi.

How to get rid of this problem? By following a routine of vacuuming your condenser coil? Yes! If you think this way, you are right. When you vacuum your condenser coil, it removes all the dust and debris making the coil clean. And a clean condenser coil allows all the hot air to escape leaving your fridge cool.

If your fridge is still overheating even after you have vacuumed its condenser coil, it indicates that something has gone wrong because you have been ignoring it for a long time. This is a matter you can not deal with, therefore, book electrician services in Karachi to bring your fridge to its original condition again.

4. Organize the Interior

A fridge in which things are not arranged properly looks like a mess and does not leave a good impression. It can lead to multiple spills that will leave stains and blemishes on the white surface of the fridge’s racks. You can also run short of space.

Therefore, organize the interior of your fridge appropriately. Use small plastic buckets to arrange small food items and fruits. Place the eggs in a tray to keep them safe from cracking. Airtight all the lids of liquid containers to avoid spills and to keep your fridge clean.

5. Prevent Ice-buildup

Have you ever opened your fridge and found everything inside covered in ice? That is ice-build up and can lead to multiple issues. You can face foul odours, ineffective closure of the fridge’s doors, and a loss of storage space.

It can also lead to freezer burn or frostbitten food. This means dehydration of the food due to temperature fluctuations in your fridge. In this way, your food becomes unsafe to eat.

This condition occurs if you keep your fridge’s doors open for longer periods letting hot air enter. The hot air creates humidity that freezes and turns into ice, covering all of your food items.

How to prevent ice buildup? You can avoid the situation by following some simple tips. Do not keep your fridge door open for longer periods. Regulate the temperature fluctuations that make your appliance work harder and produce hot air inside which can lead to ice buildup. These habits can help keep your fridge interior free of ice build-up.

If the situation does not improve, you should find a skilled electrician by searching “electrician services near me” in your search engine. Also visit our Amazing Ways to Preserve the Quality of Your Furniture.



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